So kiss me hard
Absence of the mind is liberation   
08:03pm 23/05/2005
mood: :D

well well well ... its been a while since i logged on to this lj name ... for you who have not added my new livejournal name here it is again ...




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10:47pm 14/05/2005




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I only want sympathy in the form of you crawling into bed with me ...   
08:25pm 12/05/2005
mood: just dandy
yeah ... im bored

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im in a car underwater with time to kill...   
10:34pm 07/05/2005
mood: ...
Time takes it all away,
weather we want it to or not.
Time will bear it all away,
and we are left with only darkness.
And sometimes in that darkness we find someone,
or we can lose them there again.
-Edgar Allen Poe

So i was reading some edger allen poe and came across this quote and it really made me stop and think. it also made me really depressed for the rest of the day.

i also put all 181 cds that i have into abc order and order in which i listen too. and think one more cd and i will have 182 like blink 182. yeah...thats with the new cd i got -Armor For Sleep. u guys should check them out, and yes amanda they are my new favorite band...well aside from first to last.and maybe a couple other bands but they are top 5. i also got shadows fall and im getting the new fall out boy cd in like a week so...yeah.

music is my sanity, my life.

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But I should've known that you were a killer. But now I'm dead.   
11:01pm 30/04/2005
mood: bouncy
So i went to the mall with steph-a today and i got really sweet earings and shoe laces from hot topic.

An i got home and got a call John Alports Grandpa tellin me about the local show tonight so i called up steph-a and we went. after i called brett and told him to come and he did cuz hes awesome!! even though his girlfriend hates me like with a passion but anyways...

i liked all the bands but i like johns band the best. i also got a tee shirt yay!! i love clothes lol.

So yeah i gave nick swisher and tom mears stephs school that was funny, then brett and steph had a ,slurpee fight, then a chinning fight, then started putting lipgloss on eachother. yeah. lol.

so yeah then we left and watched the rest of bless the child in stephs basement. Yay. i have a good saturday.

i hope u did too.

also im taking a poll....

i want to get my lip peiced next week who thinks i should?

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Up against the wall Up against the wall You've got me up against your wall   
10:50am 24/04/2005
mood: sleepy
so yesterday Patricia marie was pissing me off
soooo bad i think i might have dont something i wouldnt regret sooo i went to stephs at like 7:50pm yesterday in my p-jammas and didnt leave till 11:30 hehe we were watching agent cody banks and freaky friday. awwwww chad michael murray....
we had fun lol

some funny quotes from the night...

"the dog...the dog was... was eating the bacon!!"

me-"he has scars"
steph-"whats scars, isnt it that canadian thing?"
me-"i have no idea he just looks like he has scars, gosh"

Stephs sister-"i wonder how much i weigh?"
steph-"GO AWAY FATTY!!!"

me-"you sound like an evil mutint alien hatching from the whomb of a squirrel"

awww good times

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Days swiftly come and go.I'm dreaming of her She's seeing other guys Emotions they stir   
05:17pm 21/04/2005
mood: ok
So yesterday i went to the underoath concert, yeah ... didnt really get to see underoath cuz Kevin had a 9:30 curfew. that pissed me off, he should have gotten his own ride home. But i liked fear before a march of flames, aside from the guy throwing up on stage. The chariot was pretty good too. But i really wanted to see hopesfall and underoath. ughhh...yeah

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i'm the major league playa you can kiss my ass trick   
06:00pm 17/04/2005
mood: crunked
So this weekend i ...

Friday, had to stay ome cuz im a slacker.

Saturday, i get my hair cut. i went to the mall with steph-a i got earings and a static lullaby shirt that brett doesnt have lol. then we got pizza and sat on my deck and tanned our feet again.

Today, went to stephs. we walked to the park and played marco polo. Steph ran into a pine tree and i de-flowered a tree. steph got poned! lol. then we went to walmart lmao. i havent been there in years. we played catch then she had to go to church.

Run bitch!! it aint stoppin!! lamo.

now im bored and need something to do. blahh...i think ill hook up my play station?

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hello ladies and gentleman, I'm glad you've graced me with your presence   
04:05pm 11/04/2005
mood: amused
No body has to do this if they dont want i just wanted to update but here u go anyways...

Fill this out with...
[X] if we have
[/] if you would
[~] if you wouldn't

[ ] hang out with me
[ ] go see a movie with me
[ ] make a move on me during that movie
[ ] hug me
[ ] hug me a lot
[ ] kiss me
[ ] use your tongue
[ ] dance with me
[ ] let me put my hand on your butt
[ ] put YOUR hand on MY butt
[ ] be alone in a room with me
[ ] go on a date with me
[ ] go to dinner with me
[ ] pay for it
[ ] get me drunk
[ ] take me to your place
[ ] sleep with me (no sex)
[ ] cuddle with me
[ ] sing in a car with me
[ ] grind with me
[ ] play strip poker with me
[ ] caress me
[ ] date me
[ ] ask me out
[ ] let me kiss you
[ ] get me a B-day gift
[ ] let me borrow your car
[ ] be my bf
[ ] have a fling with me
[ ] be there for me
[ ] buy me a drink
[ ] bring me around your friends
[ ] give me a massage
[ ] take me to the club
[ ] love me
[ ] hang out with me more the 2 times a week
[ ] miss me
[ ] enjoy being with me
[ ] re-post this for me to answer your questions

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your words are deadly weapons. killing me, detroying me   
09:28pm 10/04/2005
mood: contemplative
i wish it were summer.

i could stay out all night.
sleep in every morning.
hang out with my friends alot more.
i wouldnt have to think about anything.
i wouldnt be home at all. yeah,i think thats what i will like the most.
and last i will get my license in the summer. july 31st. cant wait. a lisence will really help my goal of rarely ever coming home.

till then im still lying on my deck all night with my headphones and a blanket. for now thats my excape.

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if u like making me cry. u must be the happiest guy alive right now.   
10:36pm 08/04/2005
mood: ...
yeah i lied in my last entry. I am depressed. Guys suck and they like to make me cry alot.

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I'll be your number one with a bullet. A loaded god complex, cock it and pull it.   
08:34pm 08/04/2005
mood: Blah...
Went to school.
Went to seg. II
Went to the soccer game.
Mike picked me u.
Went with steph to a store.
Talk to some random guy that told me that i needed more cell phone mins.
He was right.
Walked to the park with steph and played catch.
Im bored now.
So call and waste my last couple mins.

Also i think that when i get my licence i just goin to leave town for a while. There really nothing i have that keeps me here. its not like i have a boyfriend that wants me here. and if i did, i wouldnt blame him if he did want me to leave. just lettin u kno so u wont worry if u cant get ahold of me the first week of August. anyone want to come with me? and im not depressed if i sound that way i just need to get out of this place for a while.


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but i know a million girls who'd kill to be here right now   
08:39pm 05/04/2005
mood: happy
me, steph, mike, and blade went to the baseball game. Kimmy was up there to. We went to 7/11 after frinding deena at the park. it was fun.

So today was a good day.
Aside from taking the meaps and completey staring off into space all english i had an awesome day. I went up to the guys tennis game with steph and kimmy. we sat there for five min. before we called Brett and he picked us up and we dropped mitch off after brett got food. Then we picked up Josh Kay, and went to a car wash really far away.

Me, steph, and kimmy, had a soap fight will brett and josh washed the car. Josh ripped like 4 signs off the wall and put them in bretts trunk.


Josh drove back and dropped us back off at the school after brett got someone else food. Steph and i walked and then we left.

i think im goin up to the soccer game tomorrow u should come too!!

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everybody wake up. Its time to get down.   
04:18pm 04/04/2005
mood: indifferent
1. Who are you?
2. Are we friends/lovers/or what?
3. When and how did we meet?
4. Have you ever had a crush on me?
5. Would you kiss me?
6. Give me a nickname and explain and it.
7. Describe me in 1 word.
8. What was your first impression?
9. Do you still think that way about me now?
10. What reminds you of me?
11. If you could give me anything, what would it be?
12. How well do you know me?
13. When was the last time you saw me/called me/IMed me?
14. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't? If so what?
15. Are you going to put this in your lj and see what I say about you?

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I think about tomorrow, Anothday of sorrow, but i dont think ill be there   
11:07pm 02/04/2005
mood: flirty
Well i've just been hangin out with Jen, Kris and Steph these past couple of days. Kris went home today at like 5 so i dint get to see her.

Yesterday i went up to the school with Jen, Steph, and Kris and we played soccer for a while. Well everyone but Kris played she was smoking most of the time. Then Brett, nick, bretts cousine, josh came up for like 10min. But kris and i went and sat on the swings.

But today i watched A Night At the Roxbery with Mike and right after we went to dinner with with the folks. But everytime the waitress asked us something we would be like "No.....YES!!!" o boy u had to be there. we started crackin up so bad everyone was lookin at us and the waitress asked us if we were ok. LMAO. the parents were gettin mad though.

But currently mike is high and he keeps licking my quilt. Yeah i have to wash it now.

Tomorrow im goin to the mall with Steph-a and i think im goin to get another band T'Shirt but i dont kno which one cuz i like alot of Bands I mean ALOT. THere are only four bands i cant stand....Coldplay, u2, modest mouse and Velvet revolver. But i just got a "Bra& New" t'shirt and i love it to death. Brand New rocks my socks off. wow im lame. but i can live with that.

Call if u want to hang out the last day of break or help me with that math project lol. yeah i havent done it yet. =)

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Throw out your cares and fly, Wanna go for a ride?   
12:56pm 30/03/2005
mood: cheerful
So tuesday i went to laser tag with steph, brett, and josh. That was fun. Then i hung out with my buddy kristen.

Yesterday, i got out and i went and played tennis with steph. well we played tennis, soccer, badmittin, catch and some other stuff and we got slurpees and sat at the park. Later i went to the movies with kristen, dan, and brett. We saw the ring two i liked it and it was alot better than the first one.

The funniest thing i've ever heard!!!...."Its so cheap its practically murder mahahaha" brett the was too funny lmao.

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the dreams of man engulfed in fire   
06:11pm 26/03/2005
mood: bored
So its the second day of break and im so bored.

i went to the bowling ally with steph and ryan today. I had fun aside from watching them makeout infront of me.
i love u and all steph but u dont have to rub it in my face that im doin to die alone.

My parents are being drunk at a bar somewhere with stephs mom.
My brother is being drunk and stoned at a hotel party.
and what am i doing im sitting in front of the computer,typing this stupid update and what i really should be doing is being drunk to but no.

But im am goin to the movies later this week with some sweet people. were also goin to lazer tag. so that should be fun.

other than that im doin to die of bordom,
please call,
save me.

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08:49pm 21/03/2005
mood: content
So i went camping. that was really fun. read steph's if u want the main high lights of the trip and i kno u do.

"DONT GET THAT BALL" freakiest thing ive ever seen in my life steph.

Steph still hasnt burnt me the cds and i already gave her hers so i just took her black dahlia murder cd. i really liked it. i think my favorite song is number 3 but im not sure on the name. and steph u arent gettin this cd back until u burn me the other one.

Also, at camp steph and amanda attacked me to try to get MY dashboard cd away for me. LAME im aloud to be emo every once in a while and its an awesome cd even if i wasnt being emo.

I heart my boyfriend, Chad Anthony Davis. lmao.
and for those of u who kno hes an amazingly goregous guy in a mag, that i named. i kno i have no life but its the closest thing i will ever get to a real boyfriend. wow thats sad. lol. but i can live with that.

thats 'bout it, much love

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05:07pm 18/03/2005
mood: happy
Going to be camping all week so some of these losers i kno are taking me out next weekend. were going shopping, and we need to go to the movies and i really hope that we get drunk its the perfect weekend.

so if ur a loser and want to hang out with us too call me when i get back on sunday.

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hells yes   
06:04pm 14/03/2005
mood: male strippers lol.
Today was a great day. i was in a really good mood.

My buddy jeff told me that he was going to get male strippers for my birthday and if he cant that he was going to get his friends and they would all go streeking. lol. i hope he gets the strippers lol. alyssa.
Ive had alot on my mind lately and Jeff gave me some great advice "get laided" lol. thanks buddy.
So he and alyssa are taking me out next weekend to cheer me up even though im not that depressed anymore but i do need to get out of my house. I heart my friends.

After school steph and i walk to wendy's we got free chicken nuggets cuz they forgot about stephs order lol.
We had like $1.10 left and we went to family dollar and got peeps we ate half then through them away at busse.

i had a good day, i hope u did too.

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